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Go listen to the memory palace, if you aren't already.  I'm serious.  It's been running since 2008 but catching up won't take you too long, as until recently the updates have been sporadic and even now they tend to max out at 10 minutes each, with some as short as 2.  The total run time of the entire podcast is 10.5 hours, and that .5 is remasters and clips episodes that can be skipped.

It will be 10 hours of your life well-spent.  Nate DiMeo can tell stories about history in a way i wish i could.  I've never heard someone who is so good at focusing on what the past must have felt like.  His podcasts are pretty well-researched, but ultimately they're more story than history, and that's okay.  The point isn't quite what actually happened; the point is to look at the gaps where we don't know what happened, and can't know, and imagine what might be in those gaps.  The use of music is also really excellent, and even the older, lower-quality episodes have a charming warmth to them such that i didn't even notice the technical flaws until DiMeo himself started pointing them out and remastering some old episodes.

I pretty much love them all but i think my favourite episodes are probably #12 (These Words, Forever), and #45 (Heard, Once) - which feel like two sides of the same coin, almost (and are a really interesting topic to hear about in the format of a podcast, to boot). Episode #18 (Dig, Set, Spike) also deserves mention as a great story, superbly told.

Seriously, go listen.  It's amazing, you'll thank me.


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